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"Teatro en Belén, Iquitos, Perú

"Teatro en Belén, Iquitos, Perú


"We were surrounded by fireflies….we had a glockenspiel and a guitar, we sang, the iPhone recorded. Wanted to share with you."

I love this with all of my heart 💖
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narcissisticcasanova2024 said: Why'd you disappear?

I am still here, I just don’t post a lot on this blog when there isn’t much new to post. I’ve been active on the plague rat forum and my other blog. I was on vacation for a while though 😊

narcissisticcasanova2024 said: Hi again. I..Hope you don't mind but I have another question for you lol. I'll leave you alone after this i promise. Do you happen to know /why/ Captain Maggot draws the black lines on the side of her face when she's performing?

Nope, I have no idea as to why Maggie chooses to do the Maggots make-up the way she does. She has slightly altered it over the years so I am guessing it’s just what appeals to her.